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Congregational & Leadership Development Task Group


The ministry and mission of the Congregational & Leadership Development Task Group
is to discover God’s grace by loving, learning and sending people to glorify God and enjoy God forever.


1. Providing a plan and leadership for an “educational hour” during all presbytery
2. Contacting and reminding the pastor of each church that hosts a presbytery meeting
that she/he is in charge of the entire worship service, including special music such as
soloists, duets, choir, and/or inviting the presbytery’s “praise” band.
(Each church that wants to host a presbytery meeting and that does not have someone
to preach and/or provide music may still be a host church. This task group will enlist
a person to preach and also a person and/or group to provide special music);
3. Enlisting the cooperation of all churches in the presbytery in creating a weekly
“Prayer Calendar” that includes the ministry and mission of each church in the
4. Organizing, promoting, and enlisting leadership for “educational events”
such as Presbytery Day, youth ministry experiences and senior adult ministry
for the presbytery, its regional clusters, and for the congregation/s;
5. Providing grants for educational and congregational purposes; and,
6. Identifying needs, leadership that can meet those needs and other possible resources.